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Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioners in Cirencester

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Tayma Wallbridge BA (Hons) Psychology, DPH, HPD

0776 1182 604

Accredited Hypnotherapy is a practice specialising in solution-focused hypnotherapy.
Tayma Wallbridge is a fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist qualified to help with
anxiety disorders, phobias, depression, anger, stress, confidence, weight issues, smoking, sports performance and relaxed childbirth.

Stuart Harragan

01285 657988 / 07896 894 774

Member of The Genaral Hypnotherapy Register

Angela Lawrence

01285 652773

Member of General Hypnotherapy Register

Ben Thackeray

01285 831576

Member of General Hypnotherapy Register









Hypnosis, Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioners Can help with Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Fear & Phobias, Stress

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